curtain rod


In recent years curtain rods have increasingly become an element of decoration. The times when people tried to hide the rods behind the curtains are finally over. There are not only different shapes and sizes, but also various materials and colours from which the rods can be made. (Gardinenstange)

It can be distinguished between the classical curtain rod and the inboard-slot. The inboard-slot is usually fixed to the ceiling and the curtain is equipped with small wheels which are put into the slot of the sytem.(Innenlaufsystem)

There are inboard-slot systems which are made of plastic or aluminum; it is essential to choose very light materials. There are inboard-slots with one or two rails behind each other. If you decide for this version you have the possibility to let the curtains overlap.

Inboard-slots are suitable as a sight protection as well as a decorative element. (Sichtschutz) However, also the classic curtain rod provides numerous selection features. Materials used for these rods are wood, stainless steel, plastic or other metals. There are curtain rods which have great endings made out of the whole rod for example wrought-iron curtain rods, but also those whose endings can be changed.


Curtain rods are available with rings or without rings for example with loop curtains. Curtain rods can be selected in a way that they suit the rest of the room for example in children’s rooms, in nice colours and beautiful applications such as little bears or ballons.